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AirSoap air purifier


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Product Details

AirSoap’s™ Electric Wind Technology™ generates a high-energy plasma field that kills bacteria and viruses and polarizes airborne particles. The bacteria are then collected in a filterless graphene system, resulting in air that is cleaner and healthier than what traditional filter-based air purifiers can provide.

*While AirSoap has been certified to capture particles down to 14nm, we have not performed testing specifically on SARS-COV-2 (The pathogen responsible for COVID-19) as it is not yet available for testing. However, AirSoap has been tested and proven to kill >99.99% of an even smaller virus (Influenza A-H3N2).

  • Kills & captures even the smallest viruses that HEPA can’t.
  • No more costly replacement filters. Ever.
  • Washable collecting plates save money and the planet.
  • Whisper-quiet and ultra-low energy consumption.


Kills Viruses That HEPA Filters Can’t 

Traditional air purifiers use HEPA filters that can only capture particles down to 300nm. This poses an issue because some viruses, such as Coronaviruses (CoV-2 -120nm) and Influenza (Influenza A 80-120nm), are too small for the filter to capture. AirSoap’s new Electric Wind Technology can capture particles as small as 14nm!


Electric Wind Technology 

Electric Wind™ technology generates a high energy plasma field that kills bacteria and polarizes airborne particles. Washable, reusable, graphene collecting plates then remove the polarized particles from the air, all the way down to 14nm - smaller than any virus.



AirSoap vs. HEPA Filters 

AirSoap’s Electric Wind™ technology is more powerful, effective, and affordable than traditional HEPA-based air purifiers. HEPA systems require costly replacement filters and lose effectiveness overtime.



Kills and Captures

HEPA filters simply trap pollutants and if not replaced regularly, can cause additional pollution in the home from bacteria and mold growing in the filters themselves. AirSoap uses Electric Wind Technology to kill germs before they are captured for safer, purer air. No filter replacement needed.



Save money. Save the planet. No more costly replacement filters. Ever. 

AirSoap can save you over thousands in replacement filter costs over time. Instead of wasteful filters made of harmful fiberglass material, AirSoap’s earth-friendly technology uses washable, reusable, graphene collecting plates to more effectively clean the air while saving you thousands.




AirSoap’s Electric Wind™ technology is extremely energy- efficient, using electricity to capture germs instead of trying to force air through a filter. This system allows for increased airflow while spinning the fan slower and quieter than comparable filter-based systems. AirSoap uses up to half as much energy to process the same amount of air, providing customers a more robust and effective system for germ and allergen reduction.





Model: AS0001


Handles room sizes up to:   50m2

VOC removal rate:  99% 

4 speed levels

Auto mode



ionization filter

collection plates 

odor neutralizer filter

All 4 filters are washable

Air Quality indicator (auto mode)

CADR ( clean air delivery rate): 200m3/h

Max noise level: 58dB

Min noise level: 33dB

Power: 27w

Energy consumption: If device is working 24/7 and all year long in full power, then it consumes electricity only 263 kWh

Dimensions: 54 x 26 x 26 cm

Wire length: 1,5 m

Weight: 5,75 kg

Warranty: 2 years